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This is a web site dedicated to my musical projects. Here you can download (for free) and listen to some of the instrumental music that I make. The music is of different styles and genres, so please dive in and see if you find something you like.

Negative or positive, feel free to add a comment or feedback on my music in my guestbook.


07. May 2013 - Update & New melody: Mitharia

Mitharia Long time no see!

The past three years or so I really haven't had much time to focus on making music, in addition to the problem of having no space or computer (too many computer problems) for setting up a small studio. That has now changed as I have moved to a new place and set up the equipment I need... hopefully I will also have some time to make some music again.. I really miss it!

I quickly composed a new instrumental (in 6/8 time signature) for you to download and listen to called Mitharia. Its a relaxing downtempo fantasy/new age/folk kind of melody, hope you like it!

I also have some other music in progress.. we will see how it goes. :)

04. March 2010 - Alinya Music Guestbook Fix

Crystal Orb As you might know, the Alinya Music Guestbook has not been working properly lately, and that is because it got so heavily spammed at one point that I had to shut it down. But I have now fixed it and it should be up and running again now, only this time with an verification code confirmation for each entry.

25. January 2009 - New Music: Crystal Orb

Crystal Orb I just finished off a prequel or introduction theme to Dark Adventure called Crystal Orb. It has a nice and relaxing feel with a magical atmosphere. Please have a listen... :)

Perhaps I'll also make a sequel and a preludium to the Dark Adventure instrumental in the future.. Only time will tell. ;)

28 December 2008 - Finally some updates!

Dark Adventure This web site has been idle for many months now, and I'm a bit ashamed that it has almost been a year since the last updates. But Alinya Music is not dead, yet.. :P

I've been very busy this year and I have found little time to do music, since there have been some problems and lots of other important things in my life. I hope the coming year will be a better one, and that I get time to make some more music!

However I've managed to make a new instrumental over the last months.. working on it a little bit now and then. Though it has taken an unusual long time to finish it, I'm rather pleased with the result. This one has a very good sound quality, due to updated sound fonts and software.

The name of the new piece is Dark Adventure, and it is inspired from an old SEGA game from 1991 called GoldenAxe 2. The melody has a nice old fantasy feel to it, while the genre is highly electronica with cool drums and catchy effects. So please, enjoy! :)

I am making an intro or prequel to this instrumental, so look out for it! Hopefully I'll finish it next month.

12 February 2008 - New music

guitarist Some days ago I finished a new metal instrumental with progressive rythms and guitars, called Thalion. This is another free from MIDI composition recorded with Cool Edit 2 Pro.

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11 February 2008 - New web site!

new year Welcome to the location of the new Alinya Music web site! I have now changed and upgraded the whole site based on the original layout, and remade the design from scratch using newer and more updated web codes and graphics. Its greatly improved and a lot easier to maintain. Hope you like it! :)